Thursday, 21 January 2016

My novel, DEAD WRITERS IN REHAB, launches on Unbound

This is the image that will be on the cover of my new novel, DEAD WRITERS IN REHAB. It's a painting by Lee Madgwick, whose work is becoming increasingly sought after. (You can find out why by checking out his web site.) For the book, of course, it will have the title across the top, my name, and possibly a glowing quote or two. Maybe this one, from Jeremy Hardy: 

“It is dark, dirty, grim and confusing - in a very good way. It’s also warm, humane, funny and mischievous, and all the pages are in the right order.” - Jeremy Hardy

However, all this will only happen if the book gets published And that's where YOU come in...

Unbound is a very successful publishing model that uses crowdfunding to cover the production costs for a book. It combines the best aspects of traditional publishing with the best features of the digital world, and allows readers (you) to become patrons of a writer with a brilliant book to publish (me).

So far, Unbound have attracted major talents like Philip Pullman, Terry Jones, and Paul Kingsnorth, whose Man Booker longlisted ‘The Wake’ was The Bookseller’s Book of the Year. It really feels like they represent an exciting new direction.

Dead Writers in Rehab is about a dissolute writer who wakes up in what he assumes to be yet another fancy recovery facility. Then he gets punched in the face by Ernest Hemingway. In many ways, it’s a love story - including the dangerous love affair between creativity and addiction. It’s also a mystery story, and it’s funny.

Please watch my very short (90 sec) video about the book by clicking on this link, where you can also find out more about how you can support it:

It will also be an enormous help if you could spread the word about Dead Writers - any tweets, retweets, Facebook links, email forwarding, or shouting from the rooftops would be greatly appreciated (and be sure to wear warm clothes if you go for the rooftop option).

Thank you in advance for your support.

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